a few words about us


  • People use apps more than watch TV (198 min vs. 168 min per day/ TechCrunch)
  • People use apps more than websites & mobile websites (Forbes)
  • There are 34 million more cell phones in the U-S than people (CTIA)
  • People have their cell phones within 3 feet at all times (CTIA)
  • 207 million Americans own a smartphone (Statista)
  • 86% of the time spent on a smarphone/tablet is on apps while only 14% is on websites (Forbes)
  • 3 out of 4 people look at their smartphone before making a purchase (Google)
  • 64% of people have a more favorable opinion of a business with a mobile app (Luxury Institute)
  • 84% of people use their smartphone while in a store location (Google)
  • Mobile app purchasing hit 33 billion dollars in 2015, up from 21 billion in 2014 (tech crunch)
  • Mobile app advertising revenue hit 31 billion in 2015, up form 23 billion in 2014 (tech crunch)
  • People spend more time on apps than they do watching TV (3.3 hours per day on apps compared to 2.8 hours for TV)
  • 67% of Americans check their smartphone even when they don't get a text, push notification or alert (PEW Research Center)
  • 92% of organizations see getting a mobile app as a way to gain a competitive advantage (Vanson Bourne Study)
  • Over 90% of adults in U-S have a cell phone (PEW Research Center)


why choose us

The most affordable APP design in Amarillo

Amarillo Digital Media is a Mobile First company with broad experience in creating mobile apps for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. We design and create native apps that allow small businesses to compete and win in the fast paced, consumer driven mobile marketing world.

what we offer

ADM offers affordable APP design features, these include!

  • No cookie cutter designs/ we make your app look awesome (custom designs)
  • Award winning technology (cutting edge technology)
  • We build your app for all of the major platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android & HTML 5)
  • Unlimited push notifications (send as many as you want)
  • Automated Location based push notifications (send push notifications when a customers goes to a certain location)